Deep Space
Fri Dec 08 2023

Deep Space Edits

A series of compilations focused on forgotten or unknown French House gems

It all started with a simple idea: digging through Parisians’ crates for forgotten treasures hiding in plain sight. As all diggers know, it seems like a simple task but it always ends up taking much more time than expected. So, here we are, after long hours spent not only digging records but also cleaning them — physically first and then digitally to remove the clicks and pops of old vinyl after recording them with a lot of care: a good turntable, a good cartridge, a good phono pre-amp and a lot of dedication. Yes, it's a labor of love.

I was then struck by this idea: what if I went a little bit further and remastered the recordings to be able to play them in a set alongside modern recordings? Most of the records are from 1995 to 2003 and most of them feel a little bit dated, especially compared to the super loud recordings released digitally in the early 2000s and onwards.

I even went a step further, using the stems of each tracks to remix them (not reworking them in the modern sense, but simply mixing them differently to make them sound better — or more appropriate for today's dance floors). In other words, I'm not adding new elements. Actually, the philosophy is more about what I should remove than what I should add. So I started to re-edit the songs: removing the undesirable parts (the parts that don't feel right today) and extending the good ones. However, you might also find that some of the tracks are still very similar to the originals, and that's on purpose: if the arrangement was already perfect, I didn't need to change it much.

Today I'm happy to announce the release of 'Deep Space Edits, Vol. 1' 🧑🏼‍🚀

This marks the beginning of the Deep Space Edits series. The theme for this inaugural edition is 'Disco' — featuring tracks inspired by the disco era or directly sampling disco records.

Now available on SoundCloud and YouTube, and coming soon to Spotify and Apple Music. Listen on your favorite app.

I'm really proud to share this compilation with you and I hope you enjoy this time capsule as much as I do!